Projects Completed

Survey, planning, design, engineerlng, assembly manufacturing, testing, supply, loading, transportation, unloading, insurance, deliverV at site, handling, storage,installation, testing ,commissioning and documentation of all -items/material required to complete the Electrification works of Bhopal & Raisen District under Bhopal Region.under jurisdiction of MPMKWCL, Bhopal, which inter-alia include construction of New 33/11kV Substation,33 kV/'!1 KV bay extension. construction of 33 kV lines, 11 kV & LT line, Installation of distribution transformer, !nstallation of capacitor bank, renovation of 33/11 KV S/s and DTR Substation, feeder metering, rnetering of unmetered connections,replacement of meters, shifting of rneters to outside the premises of consumers andproviding service connection to BPL consumer spread all over the Bhopal & RaisenDistrict under DDUGJY

Projects Ongoing

To provide 33/11 line, 33 / 11kV under loading, Survey, District replacement KV complete installation, under S / s Installation jurisdiction service of and Substation, 33 the planning, testing transportation, of DDUGJY meters, DTR of connection distribution kV / 11 Electrification design, Shifting Substation, MPMKVVCL, .commissioning KV unloading, to bay works engineering, For BPL feeder transformer, Bhopal, of and meter extension, Bhopal insurance, Turnkey consumer to metering, which outside installation & documentation Assembly construction inter-alia Raisen delivery Works spread out of all the areas of production, of the capacitor of include over premises site, 33 of the unmetere kV under bank, items / materials handling, Bhopal consu lines, construction Bhopal testing, 11 & renovation kv of Regio require storage supply Rais.